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The lawyers at Willbur Law, PLLC have in-depth experience in contractual disputes. Ranging from simple disputes amongst friends turned business partners, to the David and Goliath scenario employees find themselves in when an employer seeks to enforce provisions of an employment agreement, the attorneys at Willbur Law are ready to assess your matter and advise you of the course of action that best suits your goals and needs. 



From breach of contract claims, complex commercial litigation, the attorneys at Willbur Law, PLLC are ready to fight for you. Litigate with confidence knowing the attorney's at Willbur Law have tried nearly 50 jury cases to verdict. Take advantage of the courtroom know-how that only comes with the hands on in-courtroom experience. 



Looking to start a new business, or revamp your current business' legal documents in the Central Florida area? Get started on the right foot with a robust analysis of the legal landscape for your business. From compliance with various state and municipal laws, to drafting and reviewing contracts for purchase or sale, to employment agreements -Willbur Law, PLLC has the experience in the courtroom to keep you out of one by drafting legal documents to protect your business interests. 



Willbur Law, PLLC has in-depth experience representing both commercial landlords and tenants along with residential landlords. Whether drafting robust lease agreements designed to prevent litigation or aggressively litigating the interests of our clients one the landlord/tenant relationship has broken down, the attorneys at Willbur Law, PLLC stand ready to fight for you. 



At the end of World War II, my Grandfather, David G. Willbur Sr., was honorably discharged from the United States Army. He took the small savings he had accumulated during his time in the service, and after a short time as a salesperson for an insurance agency in West Palm Beach, he purchased a small insurance agency for $500 that he and my grandmother owned and operated for 40 years. 

My grandmother and grandfather dedicated themselves to understanding their customers' needs, educating them on what product best suited their needs, and always put the customer first. 

A few decades later my father, David Willbur Jr., would join the family business. As the first member of our family to obtain a college degree, he brought with him a new understanding of the business environment, and the skill set to grow our family business into a small business providing jobs for those in the community. 

I had the privilege of being raised in the family business. As I grew up, I watched without fail as my family put the customers' needs first, and the customers' businesses grew and prospered. Thus, their need for insurance also grew. The symbiotic relationship between provider and client was instilled in me throughout this period of my life. 

After graduating from college with a degree in marketing I worked for a large bank. The experience of growing up in an entrepreneurial family paired with my banking experience has given me a unique insight into the business world. 

Today, I've brought those same values to the practice of law. As the first attorney in my family, I'm honored to represent my clients, and provide legal solutions to nearly every aspect of their personal and professional lives. The goal of my representation is simple. Through strong interpersonal communication, that surpasses the often surface level interaction attorneys have with clients, ascertain the needs of the client, then provide an in-depth, cost-benefit analysis of the legal path to meet that need, and work together as a single unit to achieve the greatest benefit for the client. 

It would be a privilege to represent you and your interests, and I look forward to honoring my family's legacy by placing your needs first. 



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Tel: (407)917-6737

     Firm founder and managing partner, John D. Willbur, began his legal journey serving the Central Florida community as an Assistant State Attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Florida. During his almost five years as a prosecutor, Mr. Willbur tried over 40 cases to verdict, spending countless hours in the courtroom honing his litigation skills. From there, Mr. Willbur returned to his small business roots delving into civil litigation and business law. 

     Today, Mr. Willbur brings his robust courtroom experience and business litigation knowledge to the aid of his clients and their legal needs. With a focus in complex business litigation, contractual disputes, compliance law, and non-compete law, Mr. Willbur takes the small business values instilled in him since birth and applies them to the larger litigation world. With an eye toward innovative legal solutions, Mr. Willbur is dedicated to his clients legal cause and wellbeing. 

     Mr. Willbur was born and raised in Florida. He obtained his Juris Doctorate from Florida International University, and obtained his bachelors degree right here in Central Florida from the University of Central Florida. Go Knights! 




55 East Pine Street

Orlando, FL 32801

Tel:  407-917-6737


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